Independence Day 2017: 6 Years in the Making

Hey Family and Friends –

July 4th has its obvious significance for those who call America home! For many reasons it is a special day and we are to celebrate the day and remember that we are free! And that is truly awesome and amazing! Happy 241th birthday America!

For the Hepburn Clan it also holds another special meaning for us. 6 years ago we cut up our credit cards and choose to begin our journey of becoming debt free. 5 grueling years later, on July 4th, 2016 we finally crossed that finish line and became debt free after paying off $89,000 in personal loans, student loans and credit card debt (and some late fees to the library too!). We had an amazing experience telling our story in Nashville on Blake’s 35th birthday last October.

In 2017 we marked the holiday while on our Get Living Adventure. We spent the weekend and Fourth of July with friends who stood with us during our journey. They are 2 special families that were in our small group for a number of years. We are so thankful for their friendship through becoming debt free and walking alongside our family as Blake battled cancer. It was these special friends that gave Hadley her 5 year old birthday party when Blake was receiving his infusion of chemo drugs. It was these friends who prayed with us for healing. Celebrating that Blake is now 2.5 years of being cancer free; The 4th of July is like his half birthday!

It was these special friends that invited us to share in their families’ tradition of celebrating Independence Day in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Time spent at their family home enjoying long overdue fellowship and summer water sports such as kayaking, paddle-boating, paddle-boarding, the “Boy Kid Fishing Club”, as well as watching the kids’ imaginations take flight while Bigfoot hunting in the great north!

We had so much fun participating in small town 4th of July festivities in the nearby town of Amasa; which included couples log cutting and potato sack and hay bale races!

To cap it all off, there was Pickleball and sparklers – we couldn’t have imagined a better 4th of July this 2017 – our 1 year Anniversary of being free from the chains of debt. It has freed us up in so many ways – even beyond financially – and has allowed us to dream of what can be possible in life. We thank you all again for joining us on our Get Living Adventure by supporting us through GoFundMe. The gifts have been a true blessing allowing us to do far more than we could have ever imagined when we set out at end of January. We are coming to expect the unexpected on our trip and love the daily adventures we are experiencing – thanks so much for coming along with us! Join us over on our blog, Just Happy To Be Here or Instagram and Facebook for updates on our adventures.

We have 1 month remaining as we continue our trek back west towards Colorado. We can’t wait to see you all that reside in Denver. We will be living in Liberty Lucy upon our return for a couple of months; splitting our time between several Denver area state parks including Cherry Creek and Chatfield and hope to have you all visit us in our ‘home’.

Love the Just Happy To Be Here Hepburn Clan!


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