#GetLivingAdventure By The Numbers

Blake is a numbers kind of guy. For real – he enjoys spreadsheets recreationally outside of work! So of course, he kept track of lots of data on our Get Living Adventure. Thankfully however, he toned it down for the trip, kept the spreadsheets stored away on the laptop and did not track every detail down to a very painful conclusion accompanied by a shading of cells via conditional formatting. Nor did he create graphs or pie charts! But we have fun compiling this list here for our (and hopefully your) amusement. Some numbers are estimated (they are notated below if that is the case) – so, so, so glad Blake did not actually count every single sunflower seed he ate!

Year of our RV (named Liberty Lucy): 2007 Ford Chassis, 2008 Winnebago Coach

Length of Liberty: 33′

Liberty’s weight: never ask a woman her weight!

Days on the trip: 185 days and counting – we are living in the RV still in and around the Denver Metro area August and September (tentatively)

Hours on the trip: 4,440

# of hours spent driving RV: approximately 165

Miles driven in the RV: 6,604

Miles driven crazy by a rattling/squeaky RV dashboard: 6,604

Times Cortney asked Blake to fix the dash: 6,604

Miles driven in the Civic: 10,400 – what!? at one point we thought the car being towed was ticking miles as she rode, but turns out, it was not and we actually drove the civic that many miles sightseeing.

Number of states: 22 (CO, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA, DE, NJ, NY, MI, WI, MN, ND, SD, WY) + Washington, D.C.

Number of Canadian Providences: 1 – Ontario

Longest stretch of time in one state without leaving the state: 37 days in Texas

Shortest stretch of time in one state: this might be a tie between Alabama and Mississippi, as we drove through the southern portion of these states along the gulf in a sad couple of hours 😦

Total campgrounds we stayed overnight: 25

% of those campgrounds that were State Parks: 60%

% of those campgrounds in the state of Texas: 24%

% of those campgrounds that were along water (ocean, lake, river, pond, creek, etc.): 80% “I guess we have a thing for water”

Times we argued while getting RV backed into campsite: actually didn’t do too bad, after the 2nd time, we started using our cell phones to communicate, so arguing and shouting across the campsite ceased. Cortney says I am exaggerating and that we never argued – so sweet!

Total campgrounds with no hookups (no electric, no water, no sewer): 2 (Zippel Bay State Park, MN and Custer State Park, SD – they were awesome!)

Shortest campsite stay: Lake Gogebic State Park, MI (we stayed one night when we had three scheduled because the first night we missed by extending our stay in Iron Mountain, MI with Erica and Jorge and then we left one night early because we wanted a break from the mosquitos, biting flies and other swarming insets, plus an unlevel mudpit they termed a site that was Lake Gogebic)

Longest campsite stay: 6 weeks at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland

Nights we stayed at a Cracker Barrel parking lot: 3 (Crestview, FL; Williamsburg, VA; Port Huron, MI)

Nights we stayed at a Truck Stop parking lot: 1 (Slidell, LA just north of New Orleans – it was noisy and stressful sleeping – never again did we stay at a truck stop)

Nights we stayed at a WalMart parking lot: 2 (Duluth, MN and Minot, ND) Level and fantastic accomodations

Nights we stayed at a Cabela’s parking lot: 1 (Thornton, CO)

S’mores eaten: an estimated 88

Lost marshmallows into fire: 9

Sunflower seeds eaten by Blake: estimated 6,720, just over 1 per mile

Sunflower seeds eaten by donkeys: estimated 18 – loved Custer State Park!

Number of emails Blake sent for work: I don’t even want to know, so did not even look into figuring this one out

Times we filled the propane tank: 4, it is a very efficient gas!

Times we dumped the black tank: eh, I won’t bore you with this crappy statistic

Times we witnessed camper/trailer in front of us at the dump station spill their black tank all over the dump area because their connection was not complete: 1 and that was 1 too many times! Sick!

Visits to the ER: 1

Number of sutures for Nolan: 8

Number of times pulled over in Civic: 3

Number of tickets that resulted: 2

Number of cities we drove through named Dublin: 2 (Texas and Pennsylvania)

Number of RV repair projects: 4 successful, 0.5 failures [we were not able to fix the problem; but found a reasonable solution] Rear A/C Gasket, Propane Gasket, Black Tank Siphon, Push Button on Dinette Light Sconce and the worst of all / crappiest repair was unclogging our black tank! When purchasing a pre-owned RV, insist the blank tank be cleaned prior to purchase!

Number of times Blake hit his head on a slide out getting supplies out from storage compartments: estimated 7 times, 1 of which cut Blake’s shoulder and jacket, later stitched by his mother-in-law. Thanks Beth!

Number of times Blake stepped out of the RV when the stairs we not automatically out: once while going out the door at night our step had lost power and had retracted! He was uninsured but jarred! And he was going backwards!

Number of blog post to this site during our trip: 28

Number of times people said to our face our Get Living Adventure is a crazy idea and we should not being doing it: 0

Number of times people said behind our backs our Get Living Adventure is a crazy idea and we should not be doing it: Unknown

Number of times we regretted our decision: estimated 0.25 times – in the middle of unclogging our toilet of ‘debris’ our 2nd week in.

Well that it. I am sure there are more numbers you would love to know. Let us know what numbers we missed in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “#GetLivingAdventure By The Numbers

  1. I love this! What a great adventure. We were so happy to get to see you!!

    Number of times I wanted to stowaway in Lady Liberty: 18
    Number of times I asked mark if he’d like to get an RV: 6
    Number of times Mark said “No”: 6

    I’ll have to vicariously live through y’all until I can get mark on-board!


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