Cloudburst by George Winston

The latest Music on My Mind is George Winston’s song Cloudburst. It has no lyrics, but the song speaks for itself really. The song is a musical representation of a rain storm. As you listen you can imagine the rain starting slowly at first and then building into a good ole storm and then the final dissipation as the storm rolls on through. Having now lived in Colorado for over 10 years, I can attest that there are some summer thunderstorms, that sound precisely like this song.

I started listening to George Winston back in college. I have had the pleasure of seeing him in concert a few times over the years as well and am always amazed at his ability to play. His music is very relaxing, so much so, that when Cortney and I saw him together, she nearly fell asleep in the concert hall!

The kids enjoy him as well, spending many nights falling asleep to his album Plains, to which this track belongs. The song count on my iPod is through the roof because of them!

To listen to the song, head on over to YouTube at:

When I ask Hadley if she will learn one of his songs one day on the piano and play it for me: she says no – they are too long!

I hope you enjoy the song and if you have never listened to George Winston’s albums before, they are all great! I highly recommend them all! My favorite is Montana: A Love Story. That album might be my reason for me wanting to settle one day in Montana on a big piece of land! He also has a great harmonica album as well. Very talented individual and always a pleasure to listen to. I have done so while studying in college, while working at the office and at home and while falling asleep too – the kids and Cortney are onto something here I think!

And recently George Winston released a benefit album named Spring Carousel. An album he wrote while receiving a bone marrow transplant at City of Hope.

A really neat 20 minute interview and a sampling of songs from his new album can be found here:



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