Hadley Anna – Our Starfish

To our daughter who wakes each day ready to snuggle and loves all things princess. With tender heart you are thoughtful, kind and gentle spirited. Your intelligent mind takes in the world around you and stores it all away in your ‘computer’ for later recall. Your name Hadley means field of heather – which has beauty that pales in comparison to you. Inside and out you shine the Spirit of God.

One of the greatest gifts this side of heaven was learning the day of your birth that God gave us a daughter. The nurse swaddled you up, handing you to Daddy saying, “you have a daughter! Congratulations!” Truth be told I was terrified. A daughter. A little girl. Pink. Princesses. Hair-do’s. All things foreign or frightening to me. Now 8 years later I am so grateful for how good God was to give me a best friend in you. I love you with all my heart, the love I have for you grows each day as you blossom into a beautiful young woman who loves pink, princesses, mermaids, unicorns, anything that sparkles, hair-do’s, tea parties, dress-up and playing mommy. You have softened our hearts, increased our faith, taught me to braid hair and paint nails, to live with enough margin to enjoy impromptu tea parties.

Most people who meet you for the first time wouldn’t know you talk, but in reality you have the gift of gab once you come out of your shell! We joke that you are our Starfish – for many times you latch onto our leg and burrow you head into our shoulder. Since you were a baby you loved being swaddled, held and enjoy the closeness of cuddles. And though you remain shy and do all things in your own time, you are maturing and becoming a brilliant young lady who is learning to assert herself appropriately, like spontaneously ordering your own dessert at dinner on her birthday! Before that waitress had even finished telling us the options you proudly interjected, “I’ll have the chocolate mousse cake!” A girl who knows a good thing when she hears it, chocolate!

Today you are halfway to driving – which is a scary thought! Your 8th birthday and we have loved each of the 2,290 days watching you grow, persevere and overcome the challenges life has held for you. From the moment you were born God gave you a story and a testimony to His greatness and miracle making. We pray that when you tell your story you will tell of Jesus – for once you were blind but now you can see! You also have a innate sense of justice and fairness and we continue to pray that God uses it for good. You inspire us by how you overcome, bringing us much joy each day!

Without you I would be lost and remember nothing, your gift of memory keeps me on the straight and narrow and for this I am grateful! I’ll be your Dory (Finding Nemo reference) if you promise to always be my little Starfish!

Just Happy To Be Your Mama!

Daddy loves you too!


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