Farewell Liberty; Hello Freedom!

No this is not a political post on the state of our country! Wink, wink!

It is a post on the recent happenings in the Hepburn Clan and a reflection on what we were doing 1 year ago today.

In the beginning of September we decided to test the waters to see if we could sell our motorhome Liberty Lucy. Colorado feels like home. We love the mountains, the weather, the sky, the sun, the people, in short we love where we live. Pretty quickly after listing her we began receiving inquiries; from people in all walks of life seeking adventure. One man from Texas was looking to scale down and live in it full-time; a family from Washington was looking to hit the road much like we did. But in the end, after many phone calls, text strings and a couple of in-person viewings, we negotiated a price too good to be true and sold Liberty to a retired couple out of Aurora, Colorado; who were ready to make memories with their grandkids. Dave Ramsey would be proud, as we made money on the deal, who sells an RV and makes money?! We lay in bed at night and can’t believe how the past weeks have transpired, really unbelievable!

After cleaning her up, fixing her cracked windshield (got a rock from the road on one of our last outings, of course!) and hauling out our remaining possessions, she drove away under the guidance of her new owners. We said farewell to Liberty. She was a great home for the roughly 7 months we had her. We feel blessed and are completely grateful that she sold so quickly. We were surprised in all honestly that the process went as fast as it did. And in full disclosure we were extremely happy that we were not responsible for winterizing the RV! Two days after the sale, Denver hit below freezing temps at night. And shortly after our first snowfall of the season.

Though the selling of Liberty felt great, it did not compare to the freedom we experienced and celebrated 1 year ago today; when we enjoyed, along with our parents, a trip to Nashville to share our journey into freedom from financial debt. We feel more free today, even though our budget creates restrictions on the freedom to spend. We say hello to more freedom today because we are no longer enslaved to Sallie Mae and Citibank. We are no longer slaves to fear; the fear of how are going to pay for our food this month?; how is that medical bill going to be paid?; how are we going to afford the kids’ clothing? All because for 5 years we came together as a family and said enough is enough! Our budget (Blake calls it a Cash Flow plan!), that ‘restrictive’ budget, actually is what provides us the freedom we enjoy financially.

Furthermore, it has given us a peace in our lives and in our marriage and in our family that is truly awesome. For anyone out there experiencing fear or discouragement because of finances, we encourage you to never give up! Keep on fighting, create a plan, stick to that plan, fight on through and win! Fight for your freedom, for peace, for your family and legacy; by giving up your liberties. Never give up! It doesn’t come without sacrifice. You have to lay down your life in a lot of ways. But ultimately there is only one peace that matters, there is only one thing that will give you ultimate peace – and that is the peace of Jesus Christ. He never gives up on any of us. We are not too far gone, we are not too far in a financial hole; in a spiritual hole. There is no place where hope doesn’t exist, save heaven and hell. So don’t give up!

The motivation for us becoming debt free is to leave a legacy; for our children, our childrens’ children and our children’s children’s children. For a deeper story, dive into this documentary, called “Never Give Up”. So grateful for the talented team that put it together (see Liberty up there cruising along Lake Michigan, how cool is that?!)  It is a wonderful reminder for us that we are just one family in the world; and though we sometimes felt like we were alone in our journey; we in fact were not. There are others out there with similar fears and struggles and similar hopes and dreams. So grab your spouse, friends and family and enjoy this roughly 38 minute documentary:

And so now, nine and half months after heading south to Texas to start our #GetLivingAdventure, #TheAdventureContinues. This past weekend we settled back into life as we knew it in our old neighborhood, we are finally out of Liberty, out of Scott and Kathy’s and Rob and Renee’s spare bedrooms (so grateful for their hospitality!) and out of the RV life (for now…) and back into the baby steps we learned through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!

Just Happy To Be Here-

The Hepburn Clan