Remember the Alamo!

February 10, 2017

We pulled out of Pedernales State Park around 11:30am, it must be said, we mosey in the morning and when you move at that speed and have an entire campsite and RV to pack up and in, moving fast is out of the equation. Our departure goal has been before 12 noon, so we did well today! We are headed to Riverwalk RV Park in San Antonio, we are hoping to arrive just after 1 PM so we can get the RV setup and kids down for a nap before venturing downtown to The Riverwalk.

(very rarely did we stay at RV Parks on our trips, they’re not really our thing, we prefer being out of the city, immersed in nature.  This RV Park was the quintessential reminder of why they are not our thing, crowded, tight spaces and loud. Our rig was literally pulled in so tight and close we were kissing the neighbors wood fence and 5 feet from their kitchen window.  And this was not another RV – it was someone house! –  look at that fence in the picture

I’m sure there are some private RV parks that are great, but its fair to say we preferred the state park system in most of the states that we visited, with the exception of South Carolina and Michigan – more on that later in the trip)

Finding available RV sites, has proved to be challenging, by chance we happened upon San Antonio during their Annual Rodeo (who knew?!) – one of the largest events in the city with more than 2 million visitors – one of the top rodeos in the nation.  So to say, space was limited.  We were just grateful to have a safe spot to park the Rig! While setting up the Rodeo Parade came by on the road just beside our site.

After sweating off half our body weight setting up, we let the kids play and ride their bikes for a bit before coming into the air conditioning to relax (truth be told it was so hot it took a while for the AC to catch up and actually cool the motorhome down, so rather than sweating inside we opted for dripping outside – in February!!). When the time came to come in and cool off Nolan was beside himself (nothing new to us, he lives to move and be outside) he took his bike helmet off and said, “What is this water coming out of my hair?!” He did not understand why his hair was wet, we have never experienced humid heat (sweat!!) like this before – ever!

We were grateful to not be tent camping and for the luxury of a climate controlled, air conditioned RV!

After relaxing a little bit we headed downtown to The Riverwalk around 5:30pm, thankfully the sun was setting and it was much cooler out. We ate barbecue and took a riverboat tour, taking in all the sights and sounds, learning about the local history.

(the kids were mesmerized by all the beautiful lights and carriage rides downtown)

Tomorrow we plan on visiting the Alamo and the other sights around town that we missed today.

February 11, 2017

After a little school and a late breakfast at the RV (remember the aforementioned morning speed at which we move – moseying) we headed down to the Alamo to check it out.

We viewed it from the outside of the fort and then went into the Alamo. Saw the church portion, then the grounds to the east. We watched a short film on the history of the Alamo and then witnessed a reenactment, two men shooting large (loud!) rifles from that period of time. Pretty neat piece of history tucked right into the downtown.

Afterwards we walked a small portion of the Riverwalk in the daytime and worked up enough of a sweat to reward ourselves with scoop of gelato, the sugar went right to the kids’ brains and silly shenanigans ensued.

The Alamo is part of a greater mission system, so later that day we made our way to the Mission Concepción located south of the Alamo. We found a shady and cool spot in the old rock quarry to enjoy a picnic lunch before taking a tour of the mission

It was a very well preserved mission that still holds weekly mass.

Tomorrow we head to Corpus Christi early – oh man – hope we can do it, heading out early to escape this heat in San Antonio!

This post is part of our Live Like No One Else series, a retelling, through journal entries kept along the way, of all the sights and memories we made during our 2017 #getlivingadventure. We were so busy living the adventure we missed sharing many of the experiences with you. Just happy to have you along as we relive many of the great memories that we hope one day our kids will have to read and remember!


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