Emotional Incontinence: Celebrating Life

“Geez Mom, you’ve already cried three times today!” Hadley misses nothing. Not-a-thing! The best way to explain my emotional incontinence is a fountain of gratitude. October 18th is a celebration of life and freedom. Celebrating Blake’s Birthday and life cancer free. And freedom from living in debt. 

Two years ago this very day we were in Nashville, TN celebrating ultimate freedom after paying off 90K in debt in 5 years. The freedom we had a glimpse of that day could have never prepared us for the freedom we have in this current season of life.

Over those 5 years of living like no one else, in a basement, working tirelessly at multiple jobs, starting a business, fighting cancer 3 times we became very aware of what is important in life. I have lived fresh in the emotional waves of how one becomes a widow. Through each of cancer’s battles my love for Blake has only deepened. He is still today, just as much as 5 years ago, our warrior and hero. He works tirelessly to provide for us. He can make us all roll in laughter with his shenanigans, cringe with his ear piercing, earth shaking sneezes, we love him. He is the string to my ballon. He is strong and steady, faithful and true. I am so grateful this day and every day to have him to love and share life with.

Some live an entire lifetime not knowing the purpose of life or how to love well. We have been given a rare gift in our short time this side of heaven: Tomorrow holds no promises. We are all terminal. Love well. Live on purpose. Celebrate Life!

Birthday’s are a BIG deal in our house, it means you are alive and living a life to be celebrated. The kids have caught on and even taken the celebration so far as to mark the birthday’s of each (e-a-c-h-!) stuffed animal they own. Do you know how many birthday’s we celebrate in a given month in this home?!! We have a babysitter who has been over twice in the past 2 months and each time she has come our house has been in full party decoration mode. She is way too kind to say anything but she must think 1- either I am a terrible housekeeper or 2- these people have taken the whole “Birthday Week” thing a little too far. It may be over the top, but you know what? You only live once. 

Blake- As the years go by you become more adventurous and eager to experience life. I love this. It could be so easy for you to live in fear after all you have been through with your health and as a small business owner, never knowing what tomorrow will bring in health and financial security, entrusting others with your name and reputation. Yet every day you wake, trusting the Lord for what is ahead. We both feel adventure calling. We both know a greater story is being written through our lives as we live each day. We have loved, laughed and grieved together. Experienced some of the most amazing highs and lows. God has been so faithful.  So here’s to the year ahead, your 38th circle round the sun! May your life continue to radiate a light that gives encouragement to all who know you. Here’s to the next chapter in your story, may it be the best one yet! 

Mea Culpa for sneaking this post up. You are loved. Happy Birthday!

You may have loved me longer but I love you more!



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