True Confession

I don’t normally stalk people online. But today. I did.

There is a lady we know through mutual friends. She has lived her story so well and been an encouragement to me without even knowing it. She has lived through such deep grief and brokenness, taking her story and making it beautiful and full of life. 

I have admired her and her gift of storytelling for the past few years. I have toyed with the idea of sending her a note for as many years.  Always succumb to fear. Fear of being that crazy online stalker.

I tell my kids on a weekly basis, “Not asking is always a “No.” When we ask we open the door to the possibility of “Yes!”” How can I believe in the Power of Ask and allow fear such dominion?

So I asked. I asked if she would be crazy enough to meet me. Asked if we could meet for coffee. Asked if she would offer me some encouragement. Hoping the Sheriff isn’t currently tracking my internet IP address to issue a warrant for stalking. Well, it could happen. There are crazy people in this world. I am not one of them. Promise!

Blake & I continue to feel a calling to share our story. We are firm believers that God wastes nothing! We have experienced more in our past 12 years of marriage than many experience in a lifetime. We want to find a way to share how we have been encouraged in life: faith, marriage, finances, grief and most recently the adventures God has given us as a family. Teaching us to live in the moment – Get Living Today!!

to be continued….


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