Life is finally slowing to a manageable pace. July-November is a full season in our lives. Our kids starting back to school, adapting to new routines, Blake’s work being tied to school calendars, late summer and fall demand every moment of his day. The holiday’s come and go in a blink.

Then the end of December comes. Ahhhh, deep breath! We can breathe again, see each other at not such nocturnal hours and just reconnect and be present.

Last year’s busy season pushed into spring, then unrelenting into summer. It was a wild and full year for work, with a new learning center opening here in Colorado, a new region starting up in Seattle and all kinds of good busy with growth. But it left both Blake and I exhausted. The kids and I missing him, he missing us and just needing to unplug and be present.

One night, last spring, as he lay in a rare moment of relaxation on the couch, I jokingly teased him. “What if we went on a cruise? You can’t use your cell phone in international waters!”

(Remember how the whole RV thing started…a joke. I guess I haven’t learned!)

He, knowing me all too well: my aversion to crowds, germs and rushed timelines (basically a cruise ship all in one phobia), said in complete shock: “You would actually go on a cruise?!”

“What?!” I thought, knowing it was meant to be a joke. There was an excitement in his voice that unnerved me.

For years his cruise loving family had talked and tried to convince us of a family cruise but I would not go for it. Well, as they say desperate times, call for desperate measures.

In that rare moment of what I thought was a fleeting joke, not being able to use his cell phone or work in international waters became reality! Next thing I know we are sitting in front of the computer looking at cruises. Seriously, what did I just get myself into?! And being a sucker for a good deal the first one that appeared in our search went to the Caribbean (enough said: sun, sand + beach) and was buy one get one 60% off AND kids sail free!

Fast forward from May to this past December, surviving another “busy season” as it’s come to be known, for the first time in 5 years Blake took an entire week off work! 10 days to be exact! Came home Friday night, left his computer in his work bag and his cell phone turned off in the safe and we were off!

Figuring we wouldn’t be in the room much we opted for a porthole window rather than the balcony and it was perfect! But I guess once you have lived in a motorhome any space seems big enough 😉 The kids loved ordering room service for breakfast (big decisions!!) and being surprised by a new towel animal each night!
Our day at Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club in Cozumel was perfect for all of us. A little sun, a little shade, beautiful seas and white sand beachs, a mariachi band and all we could eat and drink!
It was a family affair getting all dressed up for formal night! Smartest decision & best money spent, renting formalwear for Blake on board the ship! No shopping, no packing, no ironing!

Grand Cayman! Beaches for days! Such incredible colors!
Dolphin Discovery in Grand Cayman
Brave Girl at the Cayman Turtle Center
Lost in translation, Blake celebrating 3 years cancer free was a Happy Birthday occasion! Praising God everyday!!
Celebrating life and making memories together! Mom H LOVES to cruise and we loved sharing this trip with her!
The celebration continued, Mom & Dad Sellers celebrating 45 years of “blissful marriage” as mom would say 😉
The weather was not as warm as we imagined the Caribbean would be, so we made up for it with lots of time in the hot tub!
I (Cortney) may not do crowds, germs and being rushed but I can sure cruise for those open seas and sunsets!

Unplugging to be present is the greatest gift you can give yourself and it was truly the greatest gift Blake gave our family this Christmas!

Unplug for a moment today. The greatest present you can give is the gift of your presence.


Disconnecting is a constant battle for us, wanting to share what God has on our hearts, desiring to encourage you to Get Living! With the expectations of social media, life that happens, work demands, schooling the kids, finding time to write and share of all He is doing. This space, this blog is more for our kids to have as a keepsake but we want you to be part of it, knowing that God is writing a bigger story, beyond our lives.


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