It is said opposites attract; we are no exception:

He likes vanilla, She likes chocolate.

He likes iced coffee, She likes hers hot.
He likes spreadsheets, She likes post-its.
He likes to $ave, She likes to $pend.
He likes doing laundry, She does not.
He can sing & play music, She might get that talent in heaven.
He reads directions, She just puts the thing together & hopes for no leftover screws.

She claims she loves him more, He claims he has loved her longer.

God knew we needed each other to walk the path of life this side of heaven.

We are better & stronger together.

If we get lost along the way & it requires she read a map, we have an agreement that he will just kiss her instead of getting frustrated at her inability to figure out where they are & which direction they are supposed to head.

Come along, it’s going to be fun!